I m a forestry professional retired after 32 years of service in India. I wish to share my views and experiences on forestry and environmental advocacy with focus on conservation of rich biodiversity of Central Highlands- acknowledges as the Gondwanaland. I have also taste of poetry and philosophy and occasionally relish meditative diving to understand reality which is the focus of oriental philosophy. I, personally, am of the opinion that it is essential to know and understand ‘Thyself’ and world around to have a complete and holistic view of reality around us. Diving deep in oneself through meditation or vipassana to know inner reality of being and know the nature or the outer world around through scientific means help create complete picture of reality. It further help us to adopt wholesome means in the interest of happiness, peace and harmony for all beings of universe.

To live in happiness and harmony with nature and its beings as a comic family namely the ‘Vasudev Katumbhkam’ is the essence of oriental philosophy. There is need to look within and see our roots to learn from wisdom of past to make our present and future happy, safe and harmonious. More over there is need to devise ways and means to promote green and green way of livelihood to help promote conservation of biodiversity and also to promote well being and harmony of all in posterity to make a better place for living for us and fellow beings.